Portrait photography dates back to a time when families would come together and have that memorable shot which captured the details they wanted to immortalize. Over the years, portrait photography has grown, and even the more recent act of taking selfies can be considered to portrait photography. What makes good portrait photography is for you to capture the soul of your subject. Some of the tips that make the best photography include:

Use wide angles

When shooting portrait photos consider using a wide angle lens so that you get wide focal lengths. These types of focal lengths make the parts of the body and face that are on the edge appear to be enlarged. If your subject is in an interesting setting, a wide angle lens gives them a dramatic effect and makes them appear dominant in the frame.

Ensure your subject is well framed

When you are framing a picture, essentially what you are doing is putting attention to one element of the image. Basically, good framing should draw people’s attention to a specific aspect of the image. When framing, always think about how the position of the eyes (looking up or down) in relation to the camera is important, casinos have learned this years ago and position the dealer lower so the table feels more approachable.

Increase your ISO

Naturally, people tend to move around when their photos are being taken. Unless they are used to having their shots regularly captured, your subject will most likely blink, have awkward smiles and poses, and even show some nervousness when they think the shot is not going well. Even celebrities have moments of doubt when their photos are being taken. To ensure that you do not capture your subject at their low moments or get blurry movements when they are moving, you should increase your shutter speed.

Be creative

Most photographers assume that a portrait can only be taken when the subject is still or under harsh studio lights. Try and twist things a little by getting your subject to move or blurring the background. You can also add accessories to your subject so that they stand out more.

Have the right tools

For you to get the perfect portrait shot, you should invest in the necessary equipment needed, such as camera lenses and lights. Telephoto and wide angle lens are some of the most common lenses used when taking portrait photographs.